Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BLACKDEATH - Totentanz

Music Review : Blackdeath - Totentanz (2016, Heidens Hart Records)

Originally recorded in 2004, Totentanz was destined to be a split album with Mortifera and Totentanz II was a split album with Leviathan (USA). The first split was the last time Blackdeath used electronic drums. So the release that is reviewed here is the remastered and freshly paced rerelease of those long out of print songs.

As much as I can forget the four tracks recordings of the early 1990’s of the great bands of the era, Darkthrone for example, but when a band throws out simplistic lo-fi black metal it kind of gets difficult to enjoy their craft.

However, there are glimpses of brilliant understanding of the black metal genre and this is a promising entry as their most recent record Gift is on my list of blindspots for 2015.
Overall, this remasters release of two split albums is interesting for the fans of the band and the initiated but I believe you have to listen to an entire album from a band really discover their music and feel what they have under their belt.


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