Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ALAMBIK – Utopie

Alambik – Utopie (2015, Label For Rent)

Rising from the country of Portneuf near Quebec City, the four-piece Alambik has recently released their second album Utopie. Working with Jef Fortin of thrash metal band Anonymus, the production has a contemporary sound and a nice feel.

Sounding as heavy as Sick of It All at times and with a clear inspiration of Motörhead, Foo Fighters, Voïvod, and the 1990’s Californian punk rock scene, Utopie however doesn’t sound like a nostalgic piece of music. As diverse as their influence may seem the blend is nicely mixed and makes it for a uniform record that can easily stand as strong as the recent releases of Bad Religion. It is also obvious that the band makes music that they like and that they would listen. Then, you have a record made without compromise that reflects the talent and the interest of its musicians.

Overall, Alambik makes efficient music that carries the ideas and the memories of a particular genre. On the side of originality the album often feels like a recollection of some moments of songs that are known, cherished, and loved by the band. It will certainly please the fanbase of the band and gain some momentary radio playing time on commercial rock centered stations. 

Will it be an album that will change the game of Punk Rock? I don’t think so but it carries its flag high, loud, and proud.


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