Tuesday, August 11, 2015

LOCRIAN – Infinite Dissolution

Music Review : Locrian – Infinite Dissolution (2015, Relapse Records)

While most Black metal bands are centered about the dark themes in human nature, the new generation of American black metal bands have taken an approach near light and the human introspection. This anti-conformism of a very conformist and hermetic genre is giving a fresh breath to a genre that could have stayed deeply rooted in its origins of Satan worshipers and underground influenced bands like Discharge and Black Flag.

In the case of the Chicago native band Locrian we are far from the real source of the Second Wave of black metal. However, its sound or resonance is still omnipresent when their music touches many elements of noise, experimental, and drone. It is hard to tell what is really the sound of Locrian but it is a given that Infinite Dissolution is a mastered work of inspired music.

With frontman André Foisy, now based in Baltimore, Locrian has unleashed a sound that only the initiated of more popular bands like Deafheaven that permit almost a mainstream interest in at first unappealing pans of music. Don’t get this wrong but Locrian won’t ever be at the forefront of popular music.

Infinite Dissolution is a dissonant record that goes into blissful moments without compromising any integrity to do so.


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