Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Thy Catafalque - Sgùrr (2015, Season of Mist)

Avant-Garde mastermind Tamas Katai from Hungary has been forging a kind of music originally closer to black metal but evolving in a way that transcends genres and labels. Using a large array of instruments and sonorities, the experiments of Thy Catafalque are fast, engaging, and have enough time to unfold as the songs evolve and unveil their labyrinthine structures. At some point, there’s a eerie sense of contemporary but also timeless experience with Sgùrr even more than with Rengeteg.

With the song ‘’Jura’’, the return to black metal marks a link between original music from Hungary and black metal pioneers of Tormentor while Thy Catafalque is more into subtleties and Avant-Garde. It is still a very metal oriented album and the dosage here is really important between experimentation and readable song structures. With the evolution of the songs we are slowly entering into darker territories and it forms an ensemble of judiciously paced songs.

It is an album that takes time and many listens to actually get a grasp and a full picture out of it. However, it is a rewarding album that will be in the leading figures of the year 2015 in music.


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