Friday, September 23, 2016

VINDLAND - Hanter Savet

Vindland - Hanter Savet (2016, Black Lion Records)

French Black Metalers are some of the most eviled musicians of Planet Earth. Just look at Les Légions Noires and listen to Mütiilation and Vlad Tepes to gaze the purity of their interpretation of the genre. With the coming of Bleu Blanc Satan, a documentary about the French Black Metal scene of the 90’s, no one is surprised to discover little gems like the subject of this review. The three members of Vindland are presenting their Melodic Pagan Black Metal in the form of their debut album under the name Hanter Savet.

Keeping in mind that it is Melo Pagan Black Metal so really hooky and a certain quality in the entire album are the earliest observations. Without the Power Xmas Metal edge of early Children Of Bodom, Vinland are the heirs of the ‘’Blackier’’ side of the Finnish act’s albums like Hatebreeder and Something Wild.

Marc on the drums does a great job of double bass playing without being blast beasting everything. On the other hand, Camille who did the bass and the guitar has written tremendous lines and solos that uses full speed tremolos and melodic riffs that stay with you long after you finished listening the album. Romuald’s vocals are the usual Black Metal rasps delivered with the right anger and his presence gives intensity to the fast tempos. There are lots of moments where no vocals are used and only the instruments are showcased.

Camille and Marc were both live members of the well known French formation Belenos and it is noticeable in their delivery of the finest Black Metal elements of their compositions. The eight songs that are populating this record are concise and straight to the point. Nothing groundbreaking but Melodic Pagan Black Metal done right is always efficient.


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