Friday, October 7, 2016

Record of the Month: September 2016

There has been a few reviews on the month of September and the staff of LMdM must apologize for that because the album bin has been a hustle to deal with recently with two changes and phones and more difficulties accessing the dropbox the promo people have been reaching us with.

From now on, if you absolutely want your band reviewed please send a CD or LP copy it is easier for us because we had a technological step back.

Enough of this whining about all and nothing, with many expected releases in late September, I got to get some time for myself to actually think about the most deserving monthly award of RotM. 

Neurosis is the winner and with the consistency and ambition they are known to always carry and deliver, Fires Within Fires is slowly getting into the bests albums of the band. In fact, personally it is a no fault and they were graded one of the highest rate of the year. Just read the whole review for yourself.

For those prog-rock worshippers expect the Peacock album review soon but it didn't made the cut as RotM and you'll eventually read why.

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