Friday, March 10, 2017

ROZAMOV - This Mortal Road Review

Rozamov - This Mortal Road (Battleground Records, Dullest Records)
Release date : March 3rd, 2017

After a series of EPs and 7’’ releases, Rozamov formed in Boston in 2011, are throwing Doom Metal lines and Neurosis like monolith songs. In fact, the similarity with the legendary Oakland band even goes into the vocals that are a shared between Tom Corino (also bass) and Matt Iacovelli (also guitars and piano).

Those five songs of Doom Metal are spanned over forty minutes and it lets the time to the songs to develop and progress with melody laded and crushing Doom. In the recent years Doom Metal has exploded and clones of clones have appeared and disappeared. Rozamov is just a step away from being Neurosis or Sleep clones and their music is interesting and despite the flat vocals I believe that they can eventually be like Isis (the band) and grow away from their musical influences.

This Mortal Road shows signs of brilliant of detention in their means and no one seems to be stepping on another one’s toes. There is mixed information on the drums for the band and the album but I believe it was performed by Will Hendrix on the album but since then the permanent player is Jeff Landry. Whoever did the drums did an amazing job of simplicity in complexity. Sometimes the hardest drum parts are the most simple and I think that the music Rozamov has composed for This Mortal Road isn’t that simple as it seems. Playing in simplicity and in long songs needs a control and a certain balance between performance and creativity.

Finally, of all the Doom metal and Sludge bands that were created in the later years Rozamov is one to take seriously and expect some quality releases à la Pallbearer and Khemmis in the years to come.


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