Monday, September 7, 2015

BEACH HOUSE – Depression Cherry

Beach House – Depression Cherry (2015, Bella Union / Mistletone / Sub Pop)

The dream pop duo of Beach House formed in 2004 has release a series of widely celebrated albums. With their latest, Depression Cherry, they are doing a return to their original form of more minimalistic music and a more guitar oriented wall of sound. 

Beach House was dissatisfied with their live sound of heavy drums and decided to approach Depression Cherry in a less aggressive angle than the precedent Bloom and Teen Dreams.
The result is a beautiful album of melancholy and dreamy moments. It permits many moments of absence and the music floats easily into our ears. This is an album that goes deeper than a simple reincarnation of 1980’s music inspired by shoegazing pioneers of My Bloody Valentine or Cocteau Twins.

Having not heard of Beach House before last week and discovering Bloom at the same time gave me an almost uninfluenced listen for Depression Cherry. With the first single "Sparks" and other more noticeable titles are "PPP" and "Levitation". However, this is an album that flows easily into each song and shines as a complete album. This is the kind of entire œuvre that makes sense altogether but that could easily be split into singles of subtle grandeur and sensitivity.

With the tremendous amount of pop releases it is hard to tell what’s worth it and not. But Beach House continued on their path of pop focused on a more patient crowd that is not looking for top of the chart bubble gum artists.


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