Wednesday, October 7, 2015

HORNA – Hengen Tulet

Horna – Hengen Tulet (2015, World Terror Committee)

Interestingly enough, lately I’ve been catching on black metal bands that I’ve been ignorant of and that have been around for a good time; first with Tsjuder and now Horna. Both were formed in 1993, Tsjuder from Norway and Horna is from Finland. Surprisingly enough, both bands have been at their craft and kept it true to its origins without overselling to other genres or to reach a wider audience.

In this case, we will be discussing the Finish band’s latest release : Hengen Tulet. It took me a while to get acquainted to Horna’s music and I still can’t really label them as black metal. I would put them in the punk or hardcore category more than a definitive or true black metal act. But, the origins of the infamous genre is deep in thrash metal and death metal but also in punk bands such as Discharge, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and many 1980’s punks. It is no surprise that both genres have idolized Motörhead as the corner stone of their music.

With Horna and their latest album, Hengen Tulet, this is a matter of a blend of the early sound of a genre and its mix with an aesthetic and a sheer live sound. No pretension here but only honest music and execution. This is not such an aggressive record but an interesting crossover of the influences of black metal.


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