Monday, April 3, 2017

Record Of The Month: March 2017

Well, well, another month and another record of the month coming. With lots on my mind lately it is a lot more difficult to get to sit and write about the new music that is released these days. Even if some albums are really worth it only the albums that really deserve it will get a proper review others might just be added and graded on our scale that you can find at the upper right side. So for March what took our attention?
The American Black Metal band Woe gets the strongest effort and the prize with Hope Attrition. Surprisingly, this album didn't deserve a lot of praises or reviews but we really loved it from the beginning and still spin it regularly and it is a potential album of the year (AOTY), who knows?

Keep on coming back new reviews will be posted and I promess to try to keep a better pace in the coming month.

Tied with

Dodecahedron - Kwintessens too bad we haven't received it as a promo so it was not and will not be reviewed on this website... But it is a damn masterpiece.

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