Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BARONESS – Purple [2015 Blindspot]

Baroness – Purple (2015, Abraxan Hymns)

Following the footsteps of Mastodon, also from Georgia, Baroness have made a name for themselves as stoner, experimental, and even psychedelic rock outfit. As of today, with line-up changes with their bus crash in 2012 and the recovery of staying members, Baroness seems to be stronger and tougher than before.

Purple is an album that still showcases the mastery of the band but also a great melodic composition as for a more than ever flair for songwriting and hooks. How many times do we hear that rock isn’t what it was and that there is no more genuine rock acts. Well, if you think that Foo Fighters is the answer to the ever growing folk, indie, pop scene well you couldn’t be more wrong. Baroness is the right remedy with their songs like ‘’Shock Me’’ and ‘’Morningstar’’.

Their creativity and sensibility makes them one of the most interesting offers for vinyl lovers and you can’t go wrong with Purple that is their more mature album to date as their most accessible but without compromising their integrity.


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