Wednesday, March 30, 2016

COBALT – Slow Forever

Cobalt – Slow Forever (2016, Profound Lore)

Often categorized as black metal, the duo of Cobalt is a blend between the great masters of Swans, Converge, and bits here and there of Eyehategod. With Slow Forever, they are putting a solid cornerstone into their already interesting discography.

As with the aforementioned Converge, sonorities of black metal are not that out there, but both acts are closer to post-metal and hardcore. Just as Isis did, Cobalt elevates the post-rock influence of Swans with aggressive passion and a peculiar sense of urgency.

Far from them to completely suck on their masters, interludes like ‘’Breath’’ bring an unexpected angle to the abrasive yet ritualistic ‘’King Rust’’.

Photo: Robin Norman
While ‘’Elephant Graveyard’’ pushes the buttons of 1980’s punk with a mere violence that could be as interesting as a Young And In the Way song. It proves that Slow Forever is more than just slow or harsh.

In fact, I did not expected myself to enjoy this album that much and I think it is the best post-metal album I’ve heard this year so far.


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