Friday, July 8, 2016

ETERITUS - Following The Ancient Path

Eteritus - Following The Ancient Path (2016, Godz Ov War Productions)

After a more than ten years I didn’t listened to a lot of Death Metal except for the bands I was really into. It is since last year that I discovered that I am such a sucker for the genre especially for Old School Death Metal. Beginning with the underrated and underappreciated Echelon release of last year, it went on with Live Burial this year and on and on. Released in June, Polish based Eteritus and their nine songs full lenght Following The Ancient Path is not bringing much new to the genre but plays it like 25 years veterans of the scene with killing riffs, thunderous breakdowns, and a really enjoyable production.

They are a close Bolt Thrower and Vader sound of their heavy bass lines and old school drumming. ‘’Hellish Imagery’’ is a representation of this in its composition and execution. The guitar solos are interesting but not show off-y. Songs are not too long either which makes it a decent running time and is in the vein of old school Death Metal.

As aforementioned, Following The Ancient Path is nothing new or progressive as it is old school Death Metal done right. Like a classic recipe, it has all the right spices, the efficiency of the formula, and the chef executed it in the manner agreed. Sometimes, this approach is a hit or miss and this time it is a hit for me.


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