Thursday, June 2, 2016

LIVE BURIAL - Forced Back to Life

Live Burial - Forced Back to Life (2016, Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Straight outta UK, the old-school Death Metal revivalists of Live Burial are throwing riffs and blasts like it was the best era of Death Metal, some purists would say. The promo people noted Death/Doom  Metal as the genre of this record but I would be more into the categorization of old-school Death Metal à la Horrendous, Sarpanitum, and even Vektor for the old-school touches.

Forced back to Life is slick, tight, and would be a force to back live. Yeah, I did that! In fact, this is the kind of album I got to listen here and there and after a couple of weeks I listen to it again and tell myself : why the fudge did I not get that? The superb solos, the out this world drumming, and the technical sound, and the mandatory old-school vocals. I bet you will think of Metallica when you’ll hear ‘’Mocata’s Revenge’’ riffs. And the opening notes on ''Sleep Paralysis'' reminded me of Cryptopsy, it is probably an influence. Last, they are fast, like real fast. The change of tempos, the old-school sound that sounds contemporary and not trendy.

The only negative aspect of this album is how I had the feeling it was compressed too much and how I had to pump up the volume beyond tolerable in my headphones at work. But they released a vinyl version lately and I would be glad to have one in hand to compare the sound quality. Just like BaronessPurple, the digital version was not rendering the final product and once I got the platter I couldn’t stop listening to its depth and rich sound textures.

Forced Back to Life is a little gem that got out almost silently but that should really get more attention because Live Burial will be a name to check out. I bet the vinyl will become an object of collection. This is a band that has a lot of potential and I would be interested in seeing this act on the stage to see how they render these songs live.


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