Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ABYSMAL GRIEF - Reveal Nothing...

Abysmal Grief - Reveal Nothing... (2016, Terror From Hell Records)

Think of Doom Metal in its gloomiest form with synths and clean vocals à la Rammstein and you have Abysmal Grief and their Horror laden Metal. This collection of EPs, 7’’, and split records is introductory for new fans and a compilation for those who don’t what to collect every platter they have released.

This was my first encounter with AG and as much as I like a good Candlemass or Cathedral record I’m more into Crypt Sermon when it comes to contemporary Traditional Doom. The moods are right and the delivery is spot on, but I couldn’t get the drums and I thought they were playing it a bit on the Industrial Metal side which is not normally my cup of tea.

Another thing to consider with this release is how difficult it is to pace the songs that are taken out of multiple isolated releases. A compilation is a compilation and it is no showcasing the music in the best possible way. Personnel changes, studios, means of production varies and so does the overall quality.

It brought light onto a long standing band that deserved a recognition and I will be watching for their subsequent releases to see how they can translate their sound into a full length record that allows them to explore and define their vision.


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