Friday, November 11, 2016

DYSRHYTHMIA- The Veil Of Control

Dysrhythmia - The Veil Of Control (2016, Profound Lore Records)

Beforehand, there is something I have to admit while reviewing this album, I am a fan of everything Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Behold… The Arctopus, Byla) ever touches. Pair that to Kevin Hufnagel who also is a member of Gorguts, Vaura, and Sabbath Assembly and you have a fanboy that almost cried when receiving his promo of The Veil Of Control.

If after the release of their seventh album you don’t know that Dysrhythmia does Progressive instrumental Metal well, now you know. Think of a heavier Russian Circles that has a Death Metal vibe with a free jazz approach. Lots has been said and written about the mesmerizing work of Hufnagel and Marston on this album but Jeff Eber behind the kit is doing a tremendous job and his drum fills can make the drummer in me almost jizz in his pants. Just to be clear I am the drummer, there is no drummer ‘’in’’ me.

Whenever an album showcase this epicness in such a succinct running time, 36 minutes, listen to ‘’Internal_Eternal’’ for example and you will feel the grandiose. The 12-strings guitar of Hufnagel is used in the most effective way and his mastery gives a meditative depth to the music.

Bands that are instrumentals are already in a small niche and they often struggle to get more than musicians and hardcore fans to gain more success. In the case of Dysrhythmia, the fact that they are instrumental isn’t a boundary and their music gets more accessible to prog fans since Krallice and Gorguts have no clean singing and it often stop a lot of people from going forward in Metal. Dysrhythmia is the best of both worlds; progressive, heavy, no vocals.

All in all, the production is loud and every instrument sounds right, like pretty much everything prog and the analog sound is great to hear. On some other blogs I read that the sound is a bit claustrophobic and it made it sound more or less isolated. Personally, it didn’t was bothering and in fact I liked that it sounded this way as I would be glad to watch them play in a small venue that would showcase their musicianship at best.


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