Saturday, November 12, 2016


Noise Trail Immersion - Womb (2016, Moment of Collapse Records/Triton’s Orbit Distribution)

Lately, here at LMdM (short for Le Mot du Melomaniaque) we have been receiving lots of Italian bands albums. Added to that, the number of Post Black Metal, Black gaze, Atmospheric Black Metal, etc. bands have been growing so fast that we don’t even care to get excited anymore. Well, that is not entirely true but you get the picture. Noise Trail Immersion was the first time we encountered the genre Black Math-Metal in our promotional mountain pile of new records that reach us everyday.

After having gotten around, inside, outside of their most recent release Womb, I wouldn’t really call them Black or Math Metal. They are the contemporary continuity of Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan (without the Math Metal mastery), Cult Leader, and Thränenkind. Hints of Hardcore, Grindcore, Math Metal, Black Metal, and Punk are palpable but it is an hybrid of a record. In fact, as artists they don’t have to categorize their music because they make something that is hard to categorize. Which is a good thing, believe me. I prefer a challenging album like Womb to something that is sounding exactly like ten other bands. The ender ‘’Birth’’ is probably one of my favorite songs of the year running over eight minutes of chaos and slower moments of pure discomfort.

The album sounds clean and we can catch every instrument and I might get some shit for this but I am a bit tired of the Kurt Ballou signature for every Converge-like record that comes out. Dont’get me wrong here, I love Converge and Kurt Ballou has done great jobs over the years. However, it is interesting to hear someone else handle the mastering. This is a cleaner sound than the aforementioned Ballou but I don’t like when every album sounds the same.

So this is not a Black Metal album at all and we won’t tag it this way because for us it is Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore and I honestly was very skeptical at first and it could have passed through the cracks of the promo folder here at LMdM but I am so glad it did not. It is a potential end of the year list finalist. So get your fingers out of your nose and click on the player below because if you like what you read up here you will love hat you’ll hear. At least I did.


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