Thursday, January 7, 2016

DRAMA / PERDITION WINDS [Split] [2015 Blindspot]

Drama / Perdition Winds [Split] (2015, Satanath Records)

In the vein of Tribulation’s The Children of the Night, Drama from Russia is a melodic Black metal act that proposes two songs of melancholic grandeur with Create Your Death and Gloria Mortis. Not that far from Dissection and even the Polish masters of Mgla their sound is obscure with a clean production that delivers. The trio formed in 2001, has already released three full length but with some line up changes came with those two new songs and a promising sound for their future material. In the Black metal world there’s a slow but interesting evolution of the melodic trend that keeps the roots of the genre without falling into the commercial territories of many more mainstream acts.

From Finland, Perdition Winds is also a black metal band that recorded a 13 minutes song for this Split record. The song Cult of Kain is a more crust punk influenced black metal track than Drama’s two songs. The melodic side of Perdition Winds is also present but with a more textbook black metal edge with blast beats, fuzzy guitars, and screams that reminds of the first wave of black metal more than the later. Perdition Winds performs an engaging amalgam of black metal that is influenced by his pioneers more than its peers. There’s a certain quality of early Mayhem and even Tormentor in their interpretation of the genre.

This is an interesting split that showcase two bands that have the potential to make great music and promising new albums. Let’s hope these previews will announce great things to come.


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