Friday, January 22, 2016

HORNWOOD FELL – Yheri [2015 Blindspot]

Hornwood Fell – Yheri (2015, Avantgarde Music)

Coming out of Italy, the Basili brothers of Hornwood Fell are exploring the boundaries of contemporary Black metal with a penchant for a Ved Buens Endesque sonority.

While not only relying on screeching vocals they are using clean vocals and many melancholic clean guitars to make their point and press the atmospheric and avant-garde black metal buttons. Two American black metal acts are coming to mind when listening to Hornwood Fell; Wolves in the Throne Room and Deafheaven.

The first for the chemistry of the brothers and their atmospheric sound while the second band is for its use of shoegazing and cleaner guitars.

Yheri is an interesting effort but there’s a lack of depth or feeling if I may. By that, I mean that there’s an honest attempt at making a grand album from the Basilis but it’s missing a dirty element in the finish. Everything is too clean and safe and I would have liked a bit more bass. In fact, the production feels a bit too purged from a lack of noise and dirt.

Even the Ulver of Nattens Madrigal and Ved Buens Ende superb productions had that feeling of a richer sound and a warmer texture. Just like the usual comparison between CDs and vinyls.

With all that said, Yheri has many glimpses of greatness and the overall album feels like a potential classic. It might not be the album that will be gathering Black metal fans but it shows an understanding of the influences and a contemporary flair.

Finally, Yheri might be the beginning of a series of evolutive releases from a up and coming band. Hornwood Fell is a band to take seriously and keep in mind for the future.


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