Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SOL – The Storm Bells Chime

Sometimes the promo material that I receive for my reviews has descriptions that isn’t really giving away the nature of the work that it is sent. For example, the latest release of SOL, a Danish band from Emil Brahe that  explored many genres since its inception in 2000, was described as Experimental / Martial Ambiant Doml. It couldn’t be more unspecific than that.

The six songs that compose The Storm Bells Chime are invoking in my musical knowledge reminiscent of Swans, Neurosis, and maybe by extension Ulver. The presence of drones and bits of folk music makes it hard to fully categorize but it is a positive aspect of their music.

With pieces of piano and dark reed organs, the music of SOL have been labeled as Doom or Funeral Doom metal and the later might be the best genre that could define this unique band.

This is an album that takes patience with its slow and tortuous songs of reveries and esoteric themes. With their sixth release since 2007, the prolific band has perfected a sound of restraint, effective editing, and grand scape of effects with time to make its songs right.  


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