Friday, January 8, 2016

VERRÄTER / SXUPERION [Split] [2015 Blindspot]

Verräter / Sxuperion (2015, Bloody Mountain Records & Sordid Curse Prod.)

On this split album featuring three songs from the American Black metal band Verräter and the five Vibration songs by American Death metal one man band Sxuperion there’s something that fits between both acts and a dark link.

Verräter is black, evil, punk with distant screams, blast beats and a crusty edge. The song Deny Peace (Pleasure in Pain) is an ode to war and contains some of the most typical elements of black metal put into a song of efficient aggression and discomfort. In fact, Verräter is a discovery and a band I will be following due to the release of this split album.

On the other end of the split are the five Vibrations of Sxuperion with his Death metal infused with a black metal aesthetic. They play a highly atmospheric kind of old school Death metal that is saturated with heavy fuzzing and dirty bass. The basic of the songs is old school Death metal but the songs have a more complex effect in the interludes of the vibration concept. In every ugly thing there is a hidden beauty and I think that despite the use of what the common mortal would describe as horrible music, Sxuperion’s Death metal is an attempt at making a brutally beautiful essay in the I to V exercises. Fans of Wolves in the Throne Room won’t be totally lost with Sxuperion.

Overall, this split album is solid and showcase each band in a different light but entirely adequate to each’s environment.


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