Thursday, January 7, 2016


Visions of the Night Vs. ReMechanized – Industrial Military Complex (2016)

An Industrial death metal remix of the album Guerillas Within Their Midst by Visions of the Night. Originally, Visions of the Night is a one man black metal act from Canada.

The resurgence of Industrial music has probably pushed the birth of this remix of the band's celebrated album. However, as much as remixes and Industrial metal goes, two things I am not a huge fan of, this album fells redundant and a bit uneven especially in its production.
The different versions of songs and their reinterpretations don’t give justice to the original material and I was hoping to have a better first impression of Visions of the Night apart from this release.

It feels like a release that might interest fans for alternate versions of the songs but other than that it is weak and sometimes the poor sound quality is worst than a live record.
My advice, get into Guerillas Within Their Midst before getting to Visions of the Night Vs. ReMechanized.


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