Thursday, January 14, 2016

MATUBES - The Return of Black Metal [EP] [2015 Blindspot]

Matubes – The Return of Black Metal (2015, Distributor of Pain)

Sometimes, an 11 minutes EP is not enough to paint a full portrait of an artist. In the case of the Bulgarian Black metal band, Matubes, it might be enough to convince any fan of the genre to look forward to a full length album.

With an obvious penchant for Norwegian Black metal, Matubes interprets three songs that could easily be rank as Tsjuder or Urgehal classics. With the right amount of lo-fi sonority and the guitar work of early Mayhem, their sound has ferocious vocals by band member mysteriously called S.

The most surprising aspect of their music is that The Return of Black Metal is the first release from the band. It sounds mature and the band seems to have find its sound. Since it is a three song EP I’m gonna give it a low grade just to push them to release more songs and totally convince me of their music.
I will add that I believe that Matubes will be a band to check out and that the EP is a definite must.


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