Friday, June 17, 2016

NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR - Les Ténèbres Modernes

Neige et Noirceur - Les Ténèbres Modernes (2016, Sepulchral Productions)

This one man band from Québec with its sole member Zifond and in this release the vocals of Schimaera offers another Ambiant Black Metal record that is based on the Great War or for the non-Historians the First World War of 1914-18.

With a semi-industrial finish, especially with the drum-machine, Neige et Noirceur has this corrosive yet saturated sound that with the black and white imagery and a background of Silent Films could easily be a soundtrack to a dystopian Fritz Lang film. It reminds us how the Great War was the pivotal moment in History that brought the 20th Century in Europe and completely erased the old-Europe from the map.

Les Ténèbres Modernes wants to document the link of this particular juncture. With its mechanical sonorities and very abrasive textures this album reflects a time of difficulties in a time after the Industrial revolution and the ever going impact of the coming of automobiles.

Getting back to Black Metal, Les Ténèbres Modernes did not fall in the Industrial Metal that bores me. Its Ambiant Black Metal is efficient, actual, and far from the often monotonous aspect of this genre. This record will be released of June 24th.


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