Thursday, June 30, 2016

[Throwback Reviews] BLACK SABBATH - 13

Note from the editor: this review was first published at my main blog and since I moved here I've decided to edit and repost those archived reviews once in a while just to get the database complete and give a second life to those earlier writings.

Black Sabbath - 13 (2013, Vertigo & Universal)

When I first heard that Sabbath had a new release I was separated between despair and anger because I have a lot of respect about what this band did to Rock and how their sound still influences many bands and genres of music that I love. But I kinda always felt that Ozzy was much like a living dead and that a new release would just be like the extra beer you take when you already had too many but you still continue to drink until hangover.

I couldn’t be more wrong, it is a very solid effort from Sabbath that has reminiscent of their first albums but made with the standards of today. Guitarist Tony Iommi is just in better form that he ever been. And session drummer Brad Wilk(Rage Against the Machine, Audioslaves) is a great addition to the record giving the beats and tempos that are particular to this game changing band. It is not a game changing record but still a quite enjoyable one that gives to the fans of the Ozzy era something new that is not a St. Anger. It might even make me change my mind on never seeing Ozzy in concert!


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