Monday, June 27, 2016

THROES - This Viper Womb

ThrOes – This Viper Womb (2016, Aesthetic Death Records)
Tasmanian Metal, what to expect? Well, surpringly this is more than a good album from the duo ThrOes and their own kind of self proclaimed Dissident Metal. Usually, when a band comes out with a definition of its own sound I am more than suspect about it. In this case, we are navigating between the boundaries of Black Metal, Crust, and Punk. Yound And In the Way, Thränenkind, and Mantar are the first names that comes to mind.

Other than that, I would not be surprised to find them on a label like Profound Lore Records or Neurot Recordings for their contemporary vibe and out of trend idiosyncratic song structures. Also, something like Old Man Gloom and their aggressive post-metal approach to many subgenres without falling into the beaten paths.

Overall, The Viper Womb is an abrasive piece of contemporary Metal. At more than 66 minutes, this is a long record and despite many interesting songs, there are some repetitions and the second half kind of drags as the time goes by.


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