Saturday, December 24, 2016

Best Music Of 2016

With the season's greetings and the year ending, let's go with the mandatory year end lists of 2016. Here at Le Mot du Melomaniaque we have reviewed more than a hundred records and this I did it all alone while having a day job and a young family.

I have a theory that those lists mostly assembled in November and December of each year are biased by the recent releases and the fact that many list makers want to get the latest albums an early praise.

Here's my final take on 2016 and it is worth as much as any other list out there. (There is no text with just links to the proper reviews.)

25. STILLBORN - Testimonio De Bautisto

24. TAMAS KATAI - Slower Structures

16. WILDERNESSKING - Mystical Future

5. DAVID BOWIE - Blackstar

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