Tuesday, December 6, 2016

KRATORNAS - Devoured By Damnation

Kratornas - Devoured By Damnation (2016, Grathila Records)

The two man project blending Black Metal and Grindcore formed of Zachariah (vocals, guitars, bass) and GB Guzzarin (drums) releases its third LP this December. Originally from the Philippines, front man Zachariah is now based in Canada and it is its first recordings with a human drummer. As a drummer myself, I couldn’t be more thrilled about that.

The actual sound of Kratornas is not in subtlety and it is beyond over the top with blasting drums, full RPM with mostly short songs. It is the blasphemy of Aura Noir and the grindcore edge of Rotten Sound and Lock Up. It is as you might expect an intense record and one must take a moment to catch his breath after a full listen. It is Brutal, it is fast, it is not something you put on before trying to put your baby to sleep.

The mix is very poor and despite being a loud album the dynamic range doesn’t do it at all. It is however sad because the music has something. Not sobriety but a brute force of the early Black/Thrash efforts. The lack of melodic elements also limits the songs from being different from each other. This is raw and unpolished Metal in your face.

This album works more as a curiosity than really a serious Metal album if not an assault of fast violence and batshitcrazy demolition of instruments. As much as I like Grindcore and Black Metal, their mix isn’t always successful.


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