Monday, December 5, 2016

Record Of The Month: November 2016

As the months go by, we are already in December and pretty all of the year has passed before our eyes. There are many year end lists coming out already and I can't lie but I've been compiled numbers and albums since a couple of weeks myself. Since, this is a part time blog I can't listen to everything and I'm even struggling to actually listen to promos I would like to listen to. However, for the month of November I have a clear winner that makes lots of sense to me. 

It was the only album worth of the Best New Music badge this month, Noise Trail Immersion's Womb is an underrated piece of Mathcore with a Black Metal edge. My first listen led to approximately twenty repeats of Womb in my headphones with no interruptions. When The Dillinger Escape Plan call it quits this summer I was sad but NTI stopped my sadness since they seem to be their logical heirs. 

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