Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SCALPTURE - Panzerdoktrine

Scalpture - Panzerdoktrine (2016, Final Gate Records)

When every Death Metal enthusiast got around Sonoran Depravity lately and jizzed his pants a couple of times at the upcoming tour of Gatecreeper, the Germans of Scalpture took a spin at the sound of Death Metal from Bolt Thrower to the Swedish buzzing sound of Entombed. This is another take on the classics of the genre.

As many have been able to observe, we are not the most enthusiasts when it comes to Melodic Death Metal. Scalpture is not the in this mold and most of the songs are old school Death Metal with a war theme. The Bolt Thrower influence is everywhere and for good. It is exactly how we like our DM to be played : loud, groovy, and dirty.

The fact is, I got this record on repeat for the last two weeks and I’m struggling to actually write and pinpoint what got me into this record. There’s nothing really new or fresh in this interpretation of the genre but it is done in a very effective fashion. Is it better than Gatecreeper’s? No, but it has something like the aforementioned Arizonians that plays a special chord; the nostalghia of the golden age of DM. Despite the fact that I hate the term nosthalgia to describe a record, I feel that this is the aspect that gets me going over and over again to Panzerdoktrine.


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