Monday, February 1, 2016

BOSQUE – Beyond

The new album by the one man band Bosque of DM from Portugal is another entry in the very underground movement that is Funeral Doom metal of slow riffings and analog recordings. Much like Skepticism’s first album, the ‘’natural sound’’ of the production is what makes it more like a band playing in a distant cave with only a few candles lit and lots of loud guitars.

Funeral Doom is a genre I have learned to know and appreciate during my last year discoveries of Esoteric, Skepticism, and by extension Bell Witch. This slow music is also recognizable by its the extreme length of the songs which Bosque’s Beyond album has only three songs that totalize a playing time of 40 minutes.

Another interesting aspect of this genre and Beyond, is the presence of iconoclastic musical instruments that are not usually linked with extreme music. Pianos and strings are welcomed to make a more softer counterbalance to the fuzzy guitars and heavy pounding drumming.

Bosque’s interpretation of Doom is executed with precision and mastery with the spirit of its scape. Overall, Beyond is an album that will please fans of Doom metal and will be ranked amongst the important releases of the genre in 2016.


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