Thursday, February 25, 2016

NEST – Nest

As much as I like a good Black metal record I also get easily into Doom metal even if I kind of can’t keep up with the tremendous number of new releases and underground trend around the genre at the moment. No wonder Black Sabbath is still making music and is on its ‘’Farewell Tour’’ right now.

Coming from Sweden with their self titled debut album Nest did their recordings and release almost as a DIY thing and self promoting themselves in venues and bars, selling their stuff directly. In fact, it is almost a miracle that Nest is available to our ears now. With the recent birth of Tribunal of the Axe Records Nest have found a literal nest for their record to be released and pressed on vinyl.

The five song album has every element that you are looking for in Doom metal with nice grooves of Sludge. The execution is spot on and Nest excelled in keeping it simple and make the songs work without trying to do too much. Something that is often happening with bands making a first record and throwing away their entire bag of tricks. Also, I like that they were able to efficiently edit themselves.

Overall, this is a strong first album and if the plethora of Doom metal bands that there is today gets washed I hope that Nest will stick around because I sense that they still have many solid records left in the tank.


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