Thursday, February 18, 2016

HUMANITAS ERROR EST – Human Pathomorphism

Humanitas Error Est – Human Pathomorphism (2016, Satanath Records / Black Plague Records / Abstruse Eerie Radiance)

Straight out of Germany, the same country that the greatest nihilist philosopher Nietzsche is from, the Nihilistic Brutal Black Metal band Humanitas Error Est with its two vocalists (female S. Caedes and male Ghoul) is taking the spot of the most interesting Black metal band coming out of Germany so far in 2016.

With a sound that only early Marduk and Dark Funeral fans can relate to, their hyper fast and almost as brutal metal is widely satisfying. Add to that a contempt for melody and softness. There is no time to take a break or a breath.

Behind the drum kit, ex-Enthroned, Ahephaïm delivers a performance of high precision and at thunderous velocity. His blast beats are brutal and they bring a vehement feeling to the misanthropic vision of Humanitas Error Est. His fast tempos are technical but what I like more are his fillers in slower transitions.

The band makes uncompromising music and has a bold disgust for humanity and its presence on Earth. The duo of vocalists of S. Caedes and Ghoul makes more dynamic in the vocal section and it even reminded me of old school hardcore bands of multi vocalists. Also worth noticing is how few women are central in Black metal acts and I like that S. Caedes is not just doing clean back vocals or is relegated to a muted bass behind the torrent of guitar and drumming. As male as the Black metal world wants to be there should be more female into the genre and I think that sometimes they can be as prolific and bring another layer to the whole picture. 

As much as the velocity and aggression of Human Pathomorphism is interesting, the slower parts and slower songs like ‘’Pain Feeder’’ are the ones that have the most meat around the bone and that are potential classics for live performances. In fact, Humanitas Error Est is rapidly making a name for itself and word is that their live performances are delivering even more than their studio material.

In conclusion, this is an album I’ve been listening for the past three weeks and I spin it at least once a day since I received it from the promo people at Satanath Records. Honestly can say that it will stay in the playlist for a good while after I post this review. Despise the obvious negativity in the lyrical themes of Humanitas Error Est’s debut album I must say that there are not many negative comments to write about it.


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