Tuesday, February 23, 2016

CARNAC - The Frail Sight [EP]

Carnac - The Frail Sight (2016, Sliptrick Records)

Carnac is a Turkish death metal band from Ankara (Turkey) formed in 2014, their sound is an incendiary blend of eerie, dynamic and modern Death Metal.
With the years since the birth of Death metal, the genre has evolved a lot. Straight out of Turkey, Carnac is a five piece band that mix Death metal, Metalcore, and melodic metal. Their sound is tight, fast and interesting and can be thrashy at times like Trivium.

This four songs EP is a nice effort at a genre that has as many incarnations as there are hamburgers in a restaurant with a huge M over it. Carnac will be a band to check out but this EP is an alert to put an asterisk near the band's name and to check out if they can make a full album filled with songs as successful as ''Hericide'' and ''Menhirs Of Enmity''.


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