Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Fuath – I (2016, Fortriu Productions / Neuropa Records)

Honestly, I was not aware of Andy Marshall, the man from Glasgow, Scotland behind the moniker Fuath (which means hatred in Gaelic) and his other projects (including the more melodic and folksy Saor). But, I must already state that it is a huge discovery for me.

I is a four songs album of each ten or more minutes of grand uncluttered Black metal that at first I would easily compare to Wolves In The Throne Room for the use of the wall of sound and the melancholic guitar riffs. As homogeneous as the songs may sound at the first listen, there are many layers of composition in every song and lots to be discovered when spinning this album many times. In fact, there’s so much Black metal in this that it is almost like an homage to the second wave of BM for the initiated. Wit hits atmospheric approach à la Burzum, his cold riffs à la Darkthrone, and a Summoning touch here and there, Fuath connects his vision of cold winter blazing with his Norwegian inspirations.

The song, ‘’Spirit of the North’’ has sweeping guitar riffing and feels the most complete and complex song of I. The song slows down and has this epic yet beautiful interlude that ends in the reprise of the blast beats and the far echoing screams. There’s an intense sense of drama in Fuath’s music that is counter balanced by the mesmerizing guitar work and the aggression of the drums and the vocals. Passing like a cold blizzard night, the album is a tableau of a huge storm that leaves a beautiful impression of fulfillment and grandeur. Just like after a snowstorm we are left with pure white untouched snow.

As the final song fades into silence it leaves me wanting to revisit this record again for its multi layered and saturated sound. But also because it is an album that requires patience and dedication but that delivers to the listener that is ready to accept this offering. It will be difficult for future releases this year to be as complete as Fuath’s debut album and to top this in the best new music section will take an equal or superior outstanding effort.


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