Monday, February 1, 2016

HERSCHER – Herscher

Herscher – Herscher (2015, self-release)

With the tsunami of doom metal outfits releasing more and more albums, the Black Sabbath inspired genre has made so many followers in the likes of Electric Wizard and Windhand.

The inclusion of drones, buzzing sounds that were usually used in electronic music and minimalistic and experimental music. Post-rock has taken it in its sound and now drone music is a genre that is close to metal. Using this sound to eliminate silence in a cross between music and noise.

Coming out of France, the trio Herscher, is as the promo states, Drone/Doom Metal. Their first LP, self-titled is a thunderous mountain of dark rocks with long pistes of snowy shades. Their music has many similarities with Neurosis for its use of heavy bass and tribal drumming.

It hurts when it comes to the long tirades like in the song ‘’Skull’s River’’ with the long drone effects that didn’t really adds depth except to the song. Repetition is a simple but difficult aspect of music to handle. In this case, it was immaturity from the band that caused them to struggle with the central elements of their music.

Even if, the sound and aesthetics of their music is quite right and makes a great effect of doom atmosphere there’s a lack of experience that comes after them and it shows that they need to get millage to improve and get better. It is an enjoyable album that I will definitely spin again but I think that the comparisons don’t help them and they might have taken a bigger bite that they can chew.


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