Thursday, February 4, 2016

SENESCENCE – Endoomed [EP] [2015 Blindspot]

SenescenceEndoomed (2015, self-released)

This German Industrial Doom metal duo has released an interesting 3-songs EP that shifts at 22 minutes.

At first, I should say that I am not the biggest fan of Industrial music and except a little Corrections House once in a while I am like many North American metalhead, I stay away from Industrial music. It’s like as if it is not in our veins to be attracted by this repetitive, hammer pounding on iron kind of metal.

I sense that Senescence are doing a ferocious job at blending the slow doom fuzz into the mechanical beats of the Industrial metal genre. With their clean singing in chorus we feel that they wanted this to be some sort of a classic record.

‘’Mourner’s Claim’’ is the song that gets the closest to a Doom metal orthodox song. While ‘’And the Vultures Collapsed Into Sound’’ is a pretty big mess of Industrial extravaganza. They are trying something different and there’s a virtue in that but it feels a sounds clunky at times. But EPs are for that and I hope to hear new music from them and discover which direction they choose to attack next.


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