Friday, January 13, 2017

BEHEADED - Beast Incarnate Review

Beheaded - Beast Incarnate (2017, Unique Leader Records)

Malta’s own Brutal Death Metal oddity in Beheaded has released another punishing album on the Extreme Metal label of Unique Leader Records. Formed in 1991, those veterans of the genre are coming with a Brutal yet Melodic album with a renewed lineup and more than twenty five years of existence getting among the likes of Suffocation and Dying Fetus.

Getting into our first Death Metal review of the year wasn’t that much difficult and leaded us to discover another institution of DM much like last year’s Mortuary album that was an early release. Beast Incarnate is indeed a beast that rolls, punches, and slams your inner ear. The many changes in tempos and the guitar intros in songs like ‘’Punishment Of The Grave’’ are much welcomed. The song ‘’The Black Death’’, the longest of the album running at more than eight minutes, has a surprising slower part that contrasts with the rest of the song and the rest of the album.

As with the many releases of Unique Leader Records, the sound is a bit on the flat side and despite being loud I would have wished for a warmer album and more dynamics. The album sounds like a ton of bricks but is also characterized by its block solid homogeneous composition. It has this positive aspect as well as a monotonous one and it doesn’t serves well with the one note vocals.

Despite those critics, Beast Incarnate is, as aforementioned, a beast and a solid album that is slowly growing on me. A better production would have elevated to a maximum 8.0 mark which is highly respectable and even that early in the year a potential year end list maker. We loved how the pounding starts at the first moment the album opens and it doesn’t stop until the end. There are no weak moments and every song has its meaning.


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