Monday, January 23, 2017


Mourning Dawn - Waste EP (2017, Aesthetic Death)
Release date : Late January, 2017

Consisting of two track of the same length 25 mins and 14 seconds, ‘’Waste’’ the song and the EP is the overlaid of ‘’The One I Never Was’’ and ‘’The One I’ll Never Be’’. So the running time of this EP of behemoth grandeur is 75 minutes and 42 seconds. Coming from Montpellier, France, Mourning Dawn is atmospheric and Doom.

Confused, I am, about this release because of its length it would be a really long LP but it is promoted as an EP. For this review we will be looking at the song ‘’Waste’’ which has everything in it. It reminds me of Wrekmeister Harmonies which is a post-rock/metal collective leaded by JR Robinson. Mourning Dawn will speak to fans of Doom and Funeral Doom with Waste. It has a violent multilayered track of many elements from screamed vocals to spoken words. It has this behemoth-like walk of a heavy and slow beat.

Overall, Waste was my introduction to Mourning Dawn and it was not the least. This is an audacious piece of music that could make or break a band. In this case, it makes me want to put a flag near their name and hope for their upcoming releases to see if they could keep the pace and the level of boldness.


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