Monday, January 16, 2017

KETCH - The Anthems Of Dread Review

Ketch - The Anthems Of Dread (2016, Aesthetic Death)

Named after the infamous King Charles II’s executioner, John or Jack Ketch, Ketch the band is a Doom/Sludge Metal outfit from Colorado. Their sound is as aggressive as Indian and navigates in many waters like Funeral Doom pace, Black Metal tremolo, and heavy Doomish drumming. Self-released in April 2016 but recently released by Aesthetic Death with four songs from a previous EP, The Anthems Of Dread is one of the latest surprises of late 2016. We decided that the album was enough important to be on the early 2017 review schedule.

This record sounds as if Converge decided to slow down and take a slight more of a melodic angle into their song structures. It is always a good sign when it is hard to list band names that resemble to a record but I would add Yob to the short list of the Ketch lookalikes. When a mood starts and you never know where to music will lead you is always fine with this reviewer. On the song ‘’The Monsters Of This World’’ there’s a Neurosis-like drive.

What’s most noticeable on The Anthems Of Dread is the successful mix of Doom/Sludge with this Hardcore/Black Metal. The LP is a very interesting and the last four tracks are a curiosity and demonstrate the evolution of Ketch as a band but they should not be included as part of the six songs album. In fact, this over packing of material was not the best decision because the LP lives well on its own.

Despite this small element, I think that Ketch will be a band to follow in the years to come because their sound is heavy, aggressive, and right up my alley. The Anthems Of Dread might be regarded as its time but it is also taking the better parts of the sounds that many bands have developed in the latest years. I recommend this album and it is one of my late 2016 blindspots.


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