Monday, April 11, 2016

GERYON – The Wound and the Bow

Geryon – The Wound and the Bow (2016, Profound Lore)

Death metal duo of bassist Nicholas McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein and produced by fellow bandmate of Krallice Colin Marston, Geryon is a blend between old school Death metal and the new American metal school of wall of soundesque scopes and experimental metal.

While Krallice is a more Avant-garde / black metal act, Geryon on the other hand isn’t afraid to offer an experimental sound of a Death metal without any guitars. With McMaster on vocal duties he is bringing his old school growls with parsimony and a wish to let the instrumental parts do most of the work.

Lev Weinstein drums are trembling heartbeats of fast permissions but also in full simplicity. There are so many changes of pace in Geryon’s music that the technical aspect of it all is how the band manage to make it fit together as a solid coherent piece.

Made of 7 songs, The Wound and the Bow is an interesting album that is filled with a prominent bass and full of condensed death metal. However, there’s a meditative quality to their music. Not really following the guideline of a genre or anything like that, Geryon makes a very unique kind of death metal that is far from the sometimes formulaic genre’s blueprint. It feels more like a free jazz experiment that could happen in an improvisation by two talented musicians.


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