Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ROT – Old Dirty Grindcores 2007-1991

ROT – Old Dirty Grindcores 2007-1991 (2016, Give Praise Records)

A compilation album is never something that is year end list worthy. It is more or less an entry path to gain new fans with a best of or essentials from the band. In the case of Old Dirty Grindcores 2007-1991, this is a complete song countdown from the Brazilian total blast grind masters ROT.

As a fan of grindcore myself, ROT is an essential act and I think that many maniacs of the genre are 7’’ collector purists. So a compilation that reads as a triptych of the history of such an amazing act is sacrilegious. However, I do am pleased to have my hand on this just as I was with Spazz’s Sweatin’ To The Oldies. As a whole, those compilations are a lot to digest and can bore you along the 150+ titles on the record. For completists like I am, this is like a checklist of records to collect but also an ensemble of songs to have near and listen in the car, on my phone, etc.

The level of quality is uneven just as with any compilation but the energy and the almost live sound of the band in studio makes it for a mandatory band into grindcore. Fans of the genre (Spazz, Nasum, Agoraphobic Nosebleed)  will get their fix and others will check the bandwagon pass.


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