Monday, April 25, 2016

INVOCATION – Seance Part : I [EP]

Invocation – Seance Part : I EP (2016, Godz Ov War Productions)

Think of a Chilean tape that’s been hiding in some kind of a nostalgic room filled with old Bathory and Sarcofago tapes and you might come close to Invocation’s Seance Part : I EP.

The mix of Black and Death Metal along with the Thrash attitude and obviously low quality of the production makes it a record you have to listen with the volume really high to get all the elements and the dizziness of the poor sound quality. Indeed, it was made on purpose that way and I know it respects the genre as well but we loose a lot of the drums and the evil guitar riffs.

The song ‘’Devout Effusions’’ is probably my favorite here and I like when it slows down and get very dirty on the riffs and the bass. Blast beats are never so far and the tempo goes back to full galloping mode.

Overall, this is an interesting South American follower of Sarcofago and their INRI classic record. It sounds dirty, dangerous, and very underground.


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