Thursday, April 14, 2016

For Hire: Music Writers / Reviewers

Since the rebirth of this website following our departure from our main blog (read here Le Mot du Cinephiliaque) we, I mean I, have been struggling to actually eat and digest the tremendous amount of new releases for 2016. We get lots, lots of promo albums plus the other albums we don’t get from PR but that I get with my own interest as a music lover.
My interests in music are vast but I am not one to label or get restricted by any genre. Writing those lines I was listening to the new Ihsahn. However, as aforementioned, I have been struggling to get this plethora of reviews out. So, this is the purpose of this post, to attract new writers to the table.

The writers have to show their interests in genres that I don’t usually cover (read here : Power and Heavy metal) but I also can open a job for a Doom/stoner enthusiast as well. In fact, the new reviewers could bring their different tastes in reviews but they might get a direction in the choice of albums sot hey must have a vast knowledge of the genres they will cover.

The details will be available through private email discussions but here is a summary of the advantages :

-         - Promo albums of many labels
-         - Full control of your review writings
-         - Your name signed on every review you wrote and full recognition of your work
-         - Responsibilities as using social media and you’ll be invited to bring new ideas to the table
-         - You’ll have your vote counted in as for the Record of the Month series and the year end lists.

A plus would be a front end developper who could help to take this little blog template and help it evolve through time and with the expansion of the scale of Le Mot du Melomaniaque.

So if you are interested in joining us please contact me at michael dot parent at hotmail dot com or in the comments of this post. We will take seriously any submissions so please take this seriously.

One last thing, we are paid by the pleasure of listening to new music and writing hundreds of words about it. 

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