Monday, April 18, 2016

ISOLERT – No Hope, No Light… Only Death

Isolert – No Hope, No Light… Only Death (2016, Ogmios Underground)

Greek Black Metal is always a go to and the debut album by Isolert is no exception to that rule. At 30 minutes, we have an atmospheric yet raw entry in the genre.

After a short intro, Isolert gets serious and bring their game with ‘’Your Hypocrisy’’ in an excellent incarnation of Black Metal without any compromize. Until the near perfect song ‘’Frozen Mist’’,  No Hope, No Light… Only Death is a strong album that doesn’t give any rest. Those songs are not reinventing the genre but they are effective and well executed.

The closing title, ‘’No Hope, No Light… Only Death’’ wraps the album of the same name with a crowning slower but highly effective counter balance of the agression that has been perpetuate in the precedent songs.

It might be one of the most promising debut album of 2016 so far. What’s important to grasp here is how Isolert used their talent to make this record in the vein of the restrictive genre and brought their own signature to the table with some twists here and there. The only negative point to me is the compression of the music that I found to be a bit of a downer but nothing to not listen to it again and again.


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