Friday, April 8, 2016

VOÏVOD – Post Society [EP]

VoïvodPost Society EP (2016, Century Media)

Québécois progressive metal legends and speed metal masters don’t need no introductions when it comes to music connoisseurs.

This latest EP from Voïvod contains four new songs and a cover of Hawkwind, ‘’Silver Machine’’ which was not done as a tribute to Lemmy but because they loved the song. How could a sound titled ‘’Silver Machine’’ couldn’t be Voïvodian? When listening to it you agree that Lemmy and Motörhead are obvious gate openers even for pioneers like Voïvod.

There is not even a low moment in this almost 30 minutes EP of pure satisfying progressive metal and the world of the themed sci-fi dystopian future of Chewy, Snake, Away, and Rocky.

As Target Earth in 2013 was an outstanding album, Post Society is like  another stepping stone in an already great discography. It makes us eager and hungry for a new record.


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