Friday, April 8, 2016

KRALLICE – Hyperion [EP]

Krallice – Hyperion (2016, Avantgarde Music)
Still hot from releasing Ygg Huur in 2015, Krallice strikes again with a powerful three songs EP of over 23 minutes of pure joy, in the metal fashion.

With superb riffs, revolving beats and rhythms, Hyperion is another record that approach perfection in the American black metal genre. In fact, the prolific era that Krallice has entered since its inception is uplifted by the close release of Ygg Huur and Hyperion. Full of intensity and claustrophobic saturation of their sound, the layers of listens and the technical mastery of the 10 minutes song ‘’Assuming Memory’’ reminds us how a long song can feel short when done right.

Having discovered Krallice with Diotima, I dived into Years Past Matters and Ygg Huur with high expectations and I couldn’t be happier with their tenure. I however feel that Krallice is slowly making the statement, with their music, that they are the best metal act in the USA right now. Their wall of sound and subtle ingenuity makes them a mandatory repeat listen for any fan of metal out there.


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