Thursday, April 7, 2016

MICK BARR - Blespac (Spathages) / Worthnt (Rust Mine) [7"]

Mick Barr - Blespac (Spathages) / Worthnt (Rust Mine) [7"] (2016, Wharf Cat records)
Mick Barr unleashes two technically masterful and dynamic tracks that straddle the progressive metal and free jazz genres. Both feature only Barr’s maniacally fast guitar shredding and screamed vocals. This 7” is truly thrilling and sure to satisfy any fan of Mick Barr’s solo output, his work with bands like Krallice, Ocrilim,Octis, and Orthrelm, or any of his numerous collaborative efforts.

The release of this 7" consisting of two masterful songs; "Blespac (Spathages)" and "Worthnt (Rust Mine)" demonstrates how fast Mick Barr can actually play on his guitar while isolated from other instruments. He occupies all the sound space and as if we were holding our breath, there are almost no time spared and no stops in this demonstration. However, it is more than simple fast played guitar work here, it is hyper fast technical guitar. The one you get a tendinitis from trying to. Barr doesn't try, he excells and repeated listens are mandatory to fully digest and comprehend this master work.

Somehow, as with free jazz this 7" is for the initiated and even fans of Krallice could happen to have some shyness with this piece of work.

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