Thursday, May 12, 2016

LJOSAZABOJSTWA - Starazytnaje licha [EP]

Ljosazabojstwa – Starazytnaje licha (2016, Hellthrasher Productions)

This official release of the first demo of the Belarus band Ljosazabojstwa on Hellthrasher Productions is a three song effort of mid-tempo rocking Death metal with a vocalist that reminds of the old school Death Metal of Yore.

At first, the artwork and the name of this band got me to think they were some kind of a Norway Black Metal ripoff of Count Grishnack’s early releases. Well, how you can you be more wrong that I was? With a name I won’t even bother to try to pronounce, they are making atmospheric Death Metal that could be a bit Bolt Thrower and other old school acts of the genre.

The four songs are very good efforts of changing tempos, distant growls, and furious guitar riffs. The drum sound is a bit awful and the snare sounds like an empty box of carton but other than that there’s even a classic guitar part in ‘’Kamunija ahniom’’. The final song, ‘’Dzien Nawi’’ is more reminiscent of Thrash metal and maybe early Slayer.

Overall, I’d like to hear more from this band and the demo let us hope that there is an unpolished gem to wait for with Ljosazabojstwa.


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