Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ABYTHIC – A Full Negation of Existence [EP]

Abythic – A Full Negation of Existence [EP] (2015, Metal Inquisition Records)

Coming from Germany, Old School Death metal band, Abythic, has released an interesting EP containing four songs of pure growls à la Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, and Grave. With a melodic guitar riffing accompanying their simple but yet effective pounding sound of a perfect blend between American Death metal and European melodic oriented acts, Abythic represents a little bit of everything every Death metal fan is looking for.

The song ‘’The Murder of the Clayborn’’ is a pure central piece of meat that will without a doubt become one of the band’s classic songs. In fact, if one listens to this song and is not sold on the band you might want to try changing genre because it represents the EP.

The only thing that sets me off a bit are the melodic guitar riffs that are too present for my North American Death metal enthusiast ears. However, I will be getting back to Abythic when they’ll release anything new. EPs are made to discover new bands and it hits the target for me here.


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